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Land For Sale:





Do you want Suburban Estates Holopaw Access? 

Enjoy Atving, Hunting and more.

We are local in the area, see us in person to get your lot.

We are available 7 days a week. 

Please call, text or email us. 

This access deed for sale qualifies for ownership of land in Suburban Estates in Holopaw Florida.

Access Deed .31 acre, includes processing and recording fees.



For Sale Lot SE2143-2 with gate key $1,100.00

The rest  $ SOLD



You can have your own ATV Adventures Atv Rides Trail Riding Lots of Mud Water and Trails in Osceola County Florida.


Do you own an ATV and have nowhere to ride? Have u asked yourself why did I even buy this thing? Wish you had somewhere to ride or somewhere to take friends or family to enjoy riding your off road vehicles? This is the answer for you.  You can have access to about 10,000 acres of off road trails and mud holes to enjoy. You can ride trails all day and never go down the same trail twice. You can play in mud till your content. You can find the lay of the land and be your own guide using your Utility ATV or side by side. Plenty of spots to stop and enjoy lunch or just ride get lost and use your GPS to get you back. Go ride in any terrain you like to ride. I provide you the legal lot to buy and own in your name so you can get a key to the Gated 10,000 acres.  I do not provide you atvs you must have your own bike or 4x4 truck or jeep.

This is Holopaw land for sale, camping, hunting, rideing four wheelers.



You get access to thousands of acres of riding.  Drive Jeep 4x4 Truck , Ride Cycles , Dirt Bikes , Atv , Utv , Track vehicle , Swamp buggy on 14,000 acres of recreational trails & dirt roads. Play in the mud holes!  You can bring your friends to Quad Trike or cycle around with you.

Suburban Estates Lot For Sale in zip code Florida 34773

Osceola County Florida Located near St. Cloud and Melbourne FL

Area used for camping , hunting , and 4 x 4 wheeling , ATVing and target shooting.

Swamp Buggies too!  Wild Hog hunt all year round! Great place to ride!


Suburban Estates is about 10,000 acres of Vacant land with a Locked Gate entrance off Holopaw Groves Road.

Keys are issued to PROPERTY OWNERS ONLY.

I am not a real estate agent I own this property. I am an individual not a developer.

I have been selling land in Florida since 2003



1 person can be on the .31 acre Deed which allows you to 1 gate key.
This is a cheap price because it is a wet lot, for deed to get key! 

People that have wet lots can camp and stay a few days off of trails or dirt roads up front like many people have done over the years. 

But if you want to set up a full time camp you must do that on the land you buy. 

Make sure when spending $$$ you get a signed contract when buying land, it protects buyer & seller.

Aerial view

Aerial view

Call or Text 863-336-5522

I live in Holopaw St Cloud Florida and it is a great place to have fun.
I have sold many lots in this area and can prove it, so do not be affraid to contact me.

I can prepare a contract before you send me any payment.